Meet the Team

Guardian Tape was founded by Mary S. & Ryan W. at the start of 2024. After months of trialling many different solutions to fix her sleep, Mary, a primary teacher, decided that she had to share the product that helped her most.

Enter Guardian Tape - the simplest and most effective way to markedly improve sleep quality, exercise recovery, and snoring prevention.

Ryan, a trainer and son of two ADF officers, had always put health and fitness first. He realised the extraordinary benefits of nose breathing, and that these benefits could be amplified so quickly by using that same mouth tape Mary slept with.

Now, the pair are on a mission to bring mouth taping to the forefront of Australia's health and fitness scene, doing so by spreading awareness of nose breathing, and Guardian Tape, to the many athletes, first responders, military personnel, and educators that share the same passion for life as they do.

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Our Athletes

  • Allegra Vickas - Current NSW Women's Muay Thai Champion
  • Joseph Davis - Upcoming Australian MMA Fighter
  • More to come....

True Blue, Through & Through.

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