Our Vision

Since starting the Guardian Tape journey, our sole focus is to bring better breathing to our fans, friends, and family.

We are striving to bulletproof our follower's cardiovascular systems by providing simple tools to improve the lives of those who use our tape. We want to foster this by providing not only Guardian Tape to athletes & our everyday heroes, but content that will give each of us an advantage inside & outside of training & recovery.

To further support those who support us, we'll also be donating a percentage of our earnings to the many civil servants of Australia. Our brand owes much to those that have sacrificed their time, energy, and lives to keep our great nation safe.

We want to give back, & that's why we'll be choosing one Australian charity organisation to support each month.

You can get in on this action by simply buying Guardian Tape products, and submitting your entry at the checkout - similar to the 'bottlecap in a jar' method you've seen inside restaurants & other stores Australia wide. 

True Blue, Through & Through.

Your support will always be appreciated