The Team

Guardian Tape Team

Hello & welcome to Guardian Tape! Below, meet the dedicated duo behind our mission to enhance your breathing, sleep, and overall well-being. We are the passionate team committed to bringing you the best in mouth tape and nasal strips.

Mary Silkman - Co-Founder of Guardian Tape

Mary is an experienced primary teacher, soccer player, and netballer, with a deep dedication to education and nurturing young minds. Her journey of overcoming chronic sickness through mouth taping has driven her passion to help others achieve similar health improvements. After her initial experiences using Guardian Tape, Mary knew that there was incredible potential to transform lives.

Ryan Joseph - Co-Founder of Guardian Tape

Ryan is the entrepreneurial side of the equation, working within his passions for close to a decade. Having played sports (Rugby and Muay Thai), trained, and taught fitness all his life, his experience with breathing comes from a place of performance. After seeing the drastic improvements Mary had made in her health from Guardian Tape, he knew how many others could use their help

You - The Guardian Tape Team

A strong enterprise is nothing without satisfied users, and Guardian Tape is no different. We want to build this project slowly, to ensure that each of our monthly customers are excited to Protect their Breath every day and night!

Along the way, we are hoping to support our Guardian community, and Australia, as much as possible. To help us, all you need to do is support your own health - your commitment ensures our generosity. 

Our Mission

At Guardian Tape, we understand how small changes make large impacts. 

Guardian Tape products are guaranteed to help you sleep better, breathe better, and live better. Our Mission is to support the Australian community, from athletes to service members, and everybody in-between, by providing affordable, high-quality solutions for improved health, wellbeing, and performance.


Start your journey to better health, Protect Your Breath today!